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  This website features Rugby Union (XV) on stamps. The first stamps portraying Rugby were issued more than 60 years ago - illegal stamp issues have been omitted.  
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  On 21 May 1910 the first official New Zealand Maori team played its inaugural game in Rotorua against the Rotorua sub-union. The New Zealand Maori team won 25–5 setting the standard for all the games to follow.
French Post issued the first lenticular stamp, featuring rugby, on 6 September 2007 for the Rugby World Cup. Tiny lenticules reflect images on a single stamp, varying with the inclination angle - basically, a short animation.
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  All the issues for the 2007 Rugby World Cup including France, Ireland, and Portugal   Articles regarding the game, personalities, competitions are illustrated by appropriate stamps  
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  All Rugby stamps are illustrated by Country in a gallery. more here ......   Many post cards have been published featuring Rugby - some are featured gallery here .....  
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