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  Sotheby’s - Stanley Gibbons March 2007 issue  

In the Great Britain section a corner traffic light block of four of the 1971 9p Anniversaries (Rugby Centenary) with new blue omitted sold for £17,000 (estimate £6000–8000).


France - April 2007

France are the 2007 hosts for the Rugby World Cup and are issuing a series of stamps devoted to Rugby in April, June and September.
The first issue was launched on April 14, 2007 at the House of the French Sport. The €0.54 stamp, entitled "Allez les petits" - Roger Couderc, marks the beginning of a philatelic adventure between French Post and Rugby . On this occasion, the public will be able to view an especially organized philatelic exhibit and get in advance this "collector" edition on which a cancellation "first day cover will be reproduced". This launch will be twinned in Souillac (Batch) where an exhibition in the Grand Hotel of Souillac, belonging to the family of Roger Couderc, recalls the life of the sports correspondent Roger Couderc (1918-1984), birthplace of the famous television rugby commentator.
Forty frames will summarize childhood, youth and the great moments of the career of the author of the famous “Allez les petits” which is dedicated to the players of the French XV. Thanks to the documents received from his daughter, Christine, or acquired at the National Institute of the Files, Jean Claude Tardieu, the initiator of the project, was able to illustrate the career of the child of Souillac. Mr. Tardieu received the support from the municipality and the rugby committees of the Limousin and the Midi-Pyrenees. After the 2007 final of the Rugby World Cup the exhibition will be transferred to Mauvezin in the Gers.
  France - June 2007      
A set of 10 stamps representing various phases of play, is being issued on June 23, 2007, in the Conference Center on Kléber Avenue, Paris. more here.......
Phases of Play    
  Ireland - August 2007      
To celebrate the ongoing and remarkable success of the Irish rugby team, and in anticipation of the Rugby World Cup, An Post issued two special stamps on 20 August 2007. The stamps capture the excitement and drama of the game on the field. The 55c stamp is a close-up of Paul O’Connell in action, and highlights the strength and physical endurance displayed by today’s Irish team. The 78c stamp features an image that has now become an icon: Irish players stretching to catch the ball at a line-out, in the midst of the stunning and historic victory over England at Croke Park in February 2007. see here
  Portugal - August 2007      
Portugal has paid a philatelic tribute to its national rugby team on Wednesday, August 22 by issuing a €1.85 miniature sheet, just two weeks before Portugal join the 19 other teams competing in the Rugby World Cup finals. see here ........
  France - September 2007      
The Third issue features a stamp representing a player kicking for goal. On Thursday, September 6, 2007 it will be launched in the 10 stadiums being used for the matches and in the Club France on the Champs-Élysées.
This is the first time a moving image, on a rugby stamp, has been issued.
  Other Rugby World Cup issues - September 2007  
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